Chrysler 2010 Automobile User Manual

Congratulations on selecting your new Chrysler Group
LLC vehicle. Be assured that it represents precision
workmanship, distinctive styling, and high quality - all
essentials that are traditional to our vehicles.
This is a specialized utility vehicle designed for both
on-road and off-road use. It can go places and perform
tasks for which conventional two-wheel drive enclosed
vehicles were not intended. It handles and maneuvers
differently from many passenger cars both on-road and
off-road, so take time to become familiar with your
The two-wheel drive utility vehicle was designed for
on-road use only. It is not intended for off-road driving
or use in other severe conditions suited for a four-wheel
drive vehicle.
Before you start to drive this vehicle, read the Owner’s
Manual. Be sure you are familiar with all vehicle controls,
particularly those used for braking, steering, transmis-
sion, and transfer case shifting. Learn how your vehicle
handles on different road surfaces. Your driving skills
will improve with experience. When driving off-road or
working the vehicle, don’t overload the vehicle or expect
the vehicle to overcome the natural laws of physics.
Always observe federal, state, provincial and local laws
wherever you drive.
As with other vehicles of this type, failure to operate this
vehicle correctly may result in loss of control or an
accident. Refer to “On-Road/Off-Road Driving Tips” in
“Starting And Operating” for further information.