Chrysler 2010 Automobile User Manual

Do not change the thermostat for Summer or Winter
operation. If replacement is ever necessary, install
ONLY the correct type thermostat. Other designs may
result in unsatisfactory cooling performance, poor gas
mileage, and increased emissions.
Brake System
In order to assure brake system performance, all brake
system components should be inspected periodically.
Refer to “Maintenance Schedule” for further information.
Riding the brakes can lead to brake failure and
possibly an accident. Driving with your foot resting
or riding on the brake pedal can result in abnormally
high brake temperatures, excessive lining wear, and
possible brake damage. You would not have your full
braking capacity in an emergency.
Power Disc Brakes
Disc brakes do not require adjustment; however, several
hard stops during the break-in period are recommended
to seat the linings and wear off any foreign material.
Brake Master Cylinder
The fluid level in the master cylinders should be checked
whenever the vehicle is serviced. If necessary, add fluid
to bring level to the full level mark on the side of the
reservoir of the brake master cylinder. With disc brakes,
fluid level can be expected to fall as the brake pads wear.
If the brake fluid level is abnormally low, check system
for leaks.
Refer to “Fluids, Lubricants, and Genuine Parts” in
“Maintaining Your Vehicle” for further information.