Chrysler 2010 Automobile User Manual

With the ESP switched off, the enhanced vehicle
stability offered by ESP and ERM are unavailable. In
an emergency evasive maneuver, the ESP and ERM
systems will not engage to assist in maintaining
stability. The “Full Off” ESP mode is intended for
off-road use only.
4L Range (4WD Models)
This is the normal operating mode for ESP in 4L range.
Whenever the vehicle is started in 4L range, or the
transfer case (if equipped) is shifted from 4H range or
NEUTRAL to 4L range, the ESP system will be in this
mode. In 4L range, ESP and TCS, except for the “limited
slip” feature described in the TCS section, are turned off
until the vehicle reaches a speed of 40 mph (48 km/h). At
40 mph (48 km/h), the normal ESP stability function
returns but TCS remains off. When the vehicle speed
drops below 35 mph (40 km/h), the ESP system shuts off.
The ESP is off at low vehicle speeds in 4L range so that it
will not interfere with off-road driving, but the ESP
function returns to provide the stability feature at speeds
above 40 mph (48 km/h). The “ESP/TCS Indicator
Light” will always be illuminated in 4L range when ESP
is off.
NOTE: The “ESP OFF” message will display and the
audible chime will sound when the shift lever is placed in
the PARK position from any position other than PARK,
and then moved out of the PARK position. This will
occur even if the message was previously cleared.