Chrysler 2010 Automobile User Manual

and press and release that button. If a button is not
selected within five seconds after pressing the SET but-
ton, the station will continue to play but will not be
stored into pushbutton memory.
You may add a second station to each pushbutton by
repeating the above procedure with this exception: Press
the SET button twice and SET 2 will show in the display
window. Each button can be set for SET 1 and SET 2 in
both AM and FM. This allows a total of 12 AM, 12 FM,
and 12 Satellite (if equipped) stations to be stored into
pushbutton memory. The stations stored in SET 2
memory can be selected by pressing the pushbutton
Every time a preset button is used, a corresponding
button number will display.
Buttons 1 - 6
These buttons tune the radio to the stations that you
commit to pushbutton memory {12 AM, 12 FM, and 12
Satellite (if equipped) stations}.
DISC Button
Pressing the DISC button will allow you to switch from
AM/FM modes to Disc modes.
Operation Instructions - (DISC MODE for CD and
MP3/WMA Audio Play, DVD-VIDEO)
The radio DVD player and many DVD discs are coded by
geographic region. These region codes must match in
order for the disc to play. If the region code for the DVD
disc does not match the region code for the radio DVD
player, it will not play the disc. Customers may take their
vehicle to an authorized dealer to change the region code
of the player a maximum of five times.