Chrysler 2010 Automobile User Manual

(BeltAlert) will alert the driver or front passenger to
buckle the seat belt. The driver should also instruct all
other occupants to buckle their seat belts. Once the
warning is triggered, BeltAlert will continue to chime
and flash the Seat Belt Reminder Light for 96 seconds or
until the driver’s or front passenger’s seat belt is buckled.
BeltAlert will be reactivated if the driver’s or passen-
ger’s seat belt is unbuckled for more than 10 seconds and
the vehicle speed is greater than 5 mph (8 km/h).
For front passenger seats equipped with BeltAlert, your
vehicle is equipped to detect when it is occupied. The
BeltAlert warning system is not activated when the
front passenger seat is unoccupied. The BeltAlert warn-
ing system may be triggered when an animal or heavy
object is on the front passenger seat or when the seat is
folded flat (if equipped). It is recommended that pets be
restrained in the rear seat in pet harnesses or pet carriers
that are secured by seat belts and cargo is properly
BeltAlertcan be enabled or disabled by your authorized
dealer or by following these steps:
NOTE: The following steps must occur within the first
60 seconds of the ignition switch being turned to the ON
or START position. Chrysler Group LLC does not recom-
mend deactivating BeltAlert.
1. Turn the ignition switch to the OFF position, and
buckle the driver’s seat belt.
2. Turn the ignition key to the ACC/ON position (do not
start the engine), and wait for the Seat Belt Reminder
Light to turn off.
3. Within 60 seconds of starting the vehicle, unbuckle
and then re-buckle the driver’s seat belt at least three
times within 10 seconds, ending with the seat belt