Chrysler 2010 Automobile User Manual

when activation conditions are not met. The stabilizer/
sway bar should remain in on-road mode during normal
driving conditions.
Do not disconnect the stabilizer bar and drive on
hard-surfaced roads or at speeds above 18 mph
(29 km/h); you may lose control of the vehicle, which
could result in serious injury. The front stabilizer bar
enhances vehicle stability and is necessary for main-
taining control of the vehicle. The system monitors
vehicle speed and will attempt to reconnect the
stabilizer bar at speeds over 18 mph (29 km/h). This is
indicated by a flashing or solid “Sway Bar Indicator
Light.” Once vehicle speed is reduced below 14 mph
(22 km/h), the system will once again attempt to
return to off-road mode.
To disconnect the stabilizer/sway bar, shift to either 4H
or 4L and press the SWAY BAR switch to obtain the
off-road position. Refer to “Four-Wheel Drive Operation”
in “Starting and Operating” for further information. The
“Sway Bar Indicator Light” will flash until the stabilizer/
sway bar has been fully disconnected.
NOTE: The stabilizer/sway bar may be torque locked
due to left and right suspension height differences. This
condition is due to driving surface differences or vehicle
loading. In order for the stabilizer/sway bar to
disconnect/reconnect, the right and left halves of the bar
must be aligned. This alignment may require that the
vehicle be driven onto level ground or rocked from side
to side.
To return to on-road mode, press the SWAY BAR switch