Chrysler 2010 Automobile User Manual

speed of the vehicle. When ERM determines that the rate
of change of the steering wheel angle and vehicle’s speed
are sufficient to potentially cause wheel lift, it applies the
appropriate brake and may reduce engine power to
lessen the chance that wheel lift will occur. ERM will only
intervene during very severe or evasive driving maneu-
Electronic Roll Mitigation (ERM) can only reduce the
chance of wheel lift occurring during severe or evasive
driving maneuvers. It cannot prevent wheel lift due to
other factors such as road conditions, leaving the road-
way or striking objects or other vehicles.
NOTE: Anytime the ESP system is in the “Full Off”
mode, ERM is disabled. Refer to ESP (Electronic Stability
Program) for a complete explanation of the available ESP
Many factors, such as vehicle loading, road condi-
tions and driving conditions, influence the chance
that wheel lift or rollover may occur. Electronic Roll
Mitigation (ERM) cannot prevent all wheel lift or
rollovers, especially those that involve leaving the
roadway or striking objects or other vehicles. The
capabilities of an ERM-equipped vehicle must never
be exploited in a reckless or dangerous manner
which could jeopardize the user’s safety or the safety
of others.
Electronic Stability Program (ESP)
This system enhances directional control and stability of
the vehicle under various driving conditions. The ESP
corrects for over/under steering of the vehicle by apply-
ing the brake of the appropriate wheel to assist in