Chrysler 2010 Automobile User Manual

Use MOPAR Touch-Up Paint or equivalent on
scratches or chips as soon as possible. Your authorized
dealer has touch-up paint to match the color of your
Wheel and Wheel Trim Care
All wheels and wheel trim, especially aluminum and
chrome-plated wheels, should be cleaned regularly with
a mild soap and water to prevent corrosion. To remove
heavy soil, use MOPARWheel Cleaner or equivalent, or
select a nonabrasive, non-acidic cleaner. Do not use
scouring pads, steel wool, a bristle brush or metal pol-
ishes. Only MOPAR cleaners or equivalent are recom-
mended. Do not use oven cleaner. Avoid automatic car
washes that use acidic solutions or harsh brushes that
may damage the wheels’ protective finish.
Interior Care
Use MOPAR Total Clean or equivalent to clean fabric
upholstery and carpeting.
Interior Trim should be cleaned starting with a damp
cloth, a damp cloth with MOPARTotal Clean or equiva-
lent, then MOPAR Spot & Stain Remover or equivalent
if absolutely necessary. Do not use harsh cleaners or
Armor All. Use MOPAR Total Clean or equivalent to
clean vinyl upholstery.
Do not use volatile solvents for cleaning purposes.
Many are potentially flammable and, if used in
closed areas, they may cause respiratory harm.