Chrysler 2010 Automobile User Manual

The payload of a vehicle is defined as the allowable load
weight a truck or any given vehicle can carry, including
the weight of the driver, all passengers, options and
Gross Axle Weight Rating (GAWR)
The GAWR is the maximum permissible load on the front
and rear axles. The load must be distributed in the cargo
area so that the GAWR of each axle is not exceeded.
Each axle’s GAWR is determined by the components in
the system with the lowest load carrying capacity (axle,
springs, tires, or wheels). Heavier axles or suspension
components, sometimes specified by purchasers for in-
creased durability, does not necessarily increase the ve-
hicle’s GVWR.
Tire Size
The tire size on the label represents the actual tire size on
your vehicle. Replacement tires must be equal to the load
capacity of this tire size.
Rim Size
This is the rim size that is appropriate for the tire size
Inflation Pressure
This is the cold tire inflation pressure for your vehicle for
all loading conditions up to full GAWR.
Curb Weight
The curb weight of a vehicle is defined as the total weight
of the vehicle with all fluids, including vehicle fuel, at full
capacity conditions, and with no occupants or cargo
loaded into the vehicle. The front and rear curb weight
values are determined by weighing your vehicle on a
commercial scale before any occupants or cargo are