Chrysler 2010 Automobile User Manual

Manual Compass Calibration
NOTE: Before attempting a manual compass calibra-
tion, the engine must be running and the transmission
in the PARK position (if equipped).
If the compass appears erratic or inaccurate and the
variance has been properly set, you may wish to manu-
ally recalibrate the compass. To manually calibrate the
1. First enter the variance mode. Press and hold the left
button (located on the instrument cluster) for approxi-
mately 10 seconds to enter the variance mode, and
release the button when the VAR (Compass Variance)
symbol appears.
2. The current variance value will also be displayed.
Once in the variance mode, it is necessary to release the
button, and then press and hold it again (approximately
10 seconds) until CAL is displayed (solid, not blinking).
3. Manual compass calibration has been initiated. Drive
the vehicle slowly in one or more circles under 5 mph
(8 km/h) in an area free from large metal objects until the
CAL symbol is extinguished.
When the CAL symbol is no longer displayed, the
compass is calibrated and should display correct head-
ings. Verify proper calibration by checking North (N),
South (S), East (E), and West (W). If the compass does not
appear accurate, repeat the calibration procedure in an-
other area.
Compass Variance (VAR)
Compass Variance is the difference between Magnetic
North and Geographic North. To ensure compass accu-
racy, the compass variance should be properly set accord-
ing to the variance map for the zone where the vehicle
will be driven. When properly set, the compass will
automatically account for this difference.