Chrysler 2010 Automobile User Manual

Before starting your vehicle, adjust your seat, adjust both
inside and outside mirrors, and fasten your seat belts.
Never leave children in the vehicle alone. Leaving
unintended children in a vehicle is dangerous for a
number of reasons. The child or others could be
seriously or fatally injured. The child could operate
power windows, other controls or move the vehicle.
Manual Transmission If Equipped
Apply the parking brake, place the shift lever in NEU-
TRAL, and press the clutch pedal before starting the
vehicle. This vehicle is equipped with a clutch interlock-
ing ignition system. It will not start unless the clutch
pedal is pressed to the floor.
Four-Wheel Drive Models Only
In 4L mode, this vehicle will start regardless of whether
or not the clutch pedal is pressed to the floor. This feature
enhances off-road performance by allowing the vehicle to
start when in 4L without having to press the clutch pedal.
The “4WD Indicator Light” will illuminate when the
transfer case has been shifted into this mode.
Automatic Transmission If Equipped
Start the vehicle with the shift lever in the PARK position
(vehicle can also be started in NEUTRAL). Apply the
brake before shifting to any driving range.
Normal Starting
NOTE: Normal starting of either a cold or a warm
engine is obtained without pumping or pressing the
accelerator pedal.