Chrysler 2010 Automobile User Manual

enough to put the vehicle at risk of a rollover. If you get
caught in a rut, dig a small trench to the right or left at a
45-degree angle ahead of the front tires. Use the removed
dirt to fill the rut ahead of the turnout you just created.
You should now be able to drive out following the trench
you just created at a 45-degree angle.
There is an increased risk of rollover when crossing
an obstacle, at any angle, with steep sides.
Crossing Logs
To cross a log, approach it at a slight angle (approxi-
mately 10 to 15 degrees). This allows one front tire to be
on top of the log while the other just starts to climb the
log. While climbing the log, modulate your brake and
accelerator to avoid spinning the log out from under your
tires. Then ease the vehicle off the log using your brakes.
Do not attempt to cross a log with a greater diameter
than the running ground clearance or the vehicle will
become high-centered.
Getting High-Centered
If you get hung up or high-centered on an object, get out
of the vehicle and try to determine what the vehicle is
hung up on, where it is contacting the underbody and
what is the best direction to recover the vehicle. Depend-
ing on what you are in contact with, jack the vehicle up
and place a few rocks under the tires so the weight is off
of the high point when you let the vehicle down. You can
also try rocking the vehicle or winching the vehicle off
the object.