Chrysler 2010 Automobile User Manual

WARNING! (Continued)
Vehicles with trailers should not be parked on a
grade. When parking, apply the parking brake on
the tow vehicle. Put the tow vehicle automatic
transmission in PARK. With a manual transmis-
sion, shift the transmission into first gear. And
with four-wheel-drive vehicles, make sure the
transfer case is not in N (Neutral). Always, block
or ؆chock؆ the trailer wheels.
GCWR must not be exceeded.
Total weight must be distributed between the tow
vehicle and the trailer such that the following four
ratings are not exceeded:
2. GTW
WARNING! (Continued)
4. Tongue weight rating for the trailer hitch utilized
(This requirement may limit the ability to always
achieve the 10% to 15% range of tongue weight as a
percentage of total trailer weight).
Towing Requirements Tires
Do not attempt to tow a trailer while using a compact
spare tire.
Proper tire inflation pressures are essential to the safe
and satisfactory operation of your vehicle. Refer to
“Tires General Information” in “Starting and Oper-
ating” for proper tire inflation procedures.
Check the trailer tires for proper tire inflation pres-
sures before trailer usage.