Chrysler 2010 Automobile User Manual

Replace the belts if they appear frayed or worn or if the
buckles do not work properly.
Appearance Care for Fabric Top Models
To maintain the appearance of your vehicle’s interior
trim and top, follow these precautions:
Avoid leaving your vehicle unattended with the top
down, as exposure to sun or rain may damage interior
Do not use harsh cleaners or bleaching agents on top
material, as damage may result.
Do not allow any vinyl cleaner to run down and dry
on the paint, leaving a streak.
After cleaning your vehicle’s fabric top, always make
sure it is completely dry before lowering.
Be especially careful when washing the windows by
following the directions for “Care of Fabric Top
WASHING — Use MOPARCar Wash or equivalent, or
mild soap suds, lukewarm water, and a brush with soft
bristles. If extra cleaning is required, use MOPAR Con-
vertible Cloth Top Cleaner or equivalent, or a mild
foaming cleaner on the entire top, but support the top
from underneath.
RINSING Be sure to remove all traces of cleaner by
rinsing the top thoroughly with clean water. Remember
to allow the top to dry before lowering it.