Chrysler 2010 Automobile User Manual

Trip Odometer (ODO) / ECO (Fuel Saver Indicator)
If Equipped
This display shows the distance traveled since the last
reset. Press and release the right button (on the instru-
ment cluster) to switch from odometer, to Trip A or Trip
B, or to ECO. Press and hold the right button while the
odometer/trip odometer is displayed to reset.
Trip A
Shows the total distance traveled for Trip A since the last
Trip B
Shows the total distance traveled for Trip B since the last
ECO (Fuel Saver Indicator) If Equipped
The ECO-ON indicator will illuminate when you are
driving in a fuel efficient manner and can be used to
modify driving habits in order to increase fuel economy.
The ECO display will toggle between ECO and ECO-ON
depending on driving habits and vehicle usage.
Compass/Temperature Display
NOTE: If the vehicle is equipped with a Chrysler
Uconnect™ gps (Navigation Radio), the NAV system will
provide the compass direction, and the variance and
calibration menus will be unavailable. The compass will
perform accurately, based on GPS signals instead of the
Earth’s magnetic field.
This display provides the outside temperature and one of
eight compass readings to indicate the direction the
vehicle is facing.