Chrysler 2010 Automobile User Manual

gravel, it may be desirable to switch to the “Partial Off”
mode by pressing the ESP OFF switch. Once the situation
requiring ESP to be switched to the “Partial Off” mode is
overcome, turn ESP back on by momentarily pressing the
ESP OFF switch. This may be done while the vehicle is in
ESP Off (4H Range Only)
This mode is intended for off-highway or off-road use
when ESP stability features could inhibit vehicle maneu-
verability due to trail conditions. This mode is entered by
pressing and holding the ESP OFF switch for five seconds
when the vehicle is stopped and the engine is running. In
this mode, all ESP and TCS stability features are turned
off except for the “limited slip” feature described in the
TCS section. After five seconds, a chime will sound, the
“ESP/TCS Indicator Light” will illuminate, and the “ESP
OFFЉ message will appear in the odometer. Refer to
“Compass and Mini-Trip Computer If Equipped” in
“Understanding Your Instrument Panel” for further in-
formation. To turn ESP on again, momentarily press the
ESP OFF switch. This will restore the normal “ESP On”
mode of operation.
The ESP system will change to “Partial Off” mode if
the vehicle speed exceeds 40 mph (64 km/h). After the
vehicle speed is reduced below 35 mph (56 km/h), the
ESP system will return to “Full Off” mode.
The “ESP OFF” message will display and the audible
chime will sound when the shift lever is placed in the
PARK position from any position other than PARK,
and then moved out of the PARK position. This will
occur even if the message was previously cleared.