Chrysler 2010 Automobile User Manual

Raising the vehicle higher than necessary can make
the vehicle less stable and cause an accident. It could
slip off the jack and hurt someone near it. Raise the
vehicle only enough to remove the tire.
6. Remove the lug nuts and wheel.
7. Position the spare wheel/tire on the vehicle and install
the lug nuts with the cone-shaped end toward the wheel.
Lightly tighten the lug nuts clockwise. To avoid the risk
of forcing the vehicle off the jack, do not tighten the nuts
fully until the vehicle has been lowered.
8. Lower the vehicle by turning the jack screw to the left,
and remove the jack and wheel blocks.
9. Finish tightening the lug nuts. Push down on the
wrench while tightening for increased leverage. Alternate
nuts until each nut has been tightened twice. The correct
wheel nut tightness is 95 ft lbs (130 N·m). If in doubt
about the correct tightness, have them checked with a
torque wrench by your authorized dealer or at a service
10. Remove the jack assembly and wheel blocks.
11. Secure the tire, jack, and tools in their proper
A loose tire or jack, thrown forward in a collision or
hard stop, could endanger the occupants of the ve-
hicle. Always stow the jack parts and the spare tire in
the places provided.
If your vehicle has a discharged battery it can be jump-
started using a set of jumper cables and a battery in
another vehicle or by using a portable battery booster