Chrysler 2010 Automobile User Manual

range. Two-wheel drive vehicles and four-wheel drive
vehicles in 2H range have two operating modes.
4H Range (4WD Models) or 2WD Models
This is the normal operating mode for ESP in 4H and
2WD vehicles. Whenever the vehicle is started or the
transfer case (if equipped) is shifted from 4L range or
NEUTRAL back to 4H range, the ESP system will be in
this mode. This mode should be used for most all driving
situations. The ESP should only be turned to “Partial Off”
or “Full Off” for specific reasons as noted below.
Partial Off
This mode is entered by momentarily pressing the ESP
OFF switch. When in ЉPartial OffЉ mode, the TCS portion
of ESP has been disabled and the “ESP/TCS Indicator
Light” will be illuminated. All other stability features of
ESP function normally. This mode is intended to be used
if the vehicle is in deep snow, sand, or gravel conditions
and more wheel spin than ESP would normally allow is
required to gain traction. To turn ESP on again, momen-
tarily press the ESP OFF switch. This will restore the
normal “ESP On” mode of operation.
NOTE: To improve the vehicle’s traction when driving
with snow chains, or starting off in deep snow, sand, or
ESP OFF Switch