Chrysler 2010 Automobile User Manual

remove frost or ice from the windshield. Keep the blade
rubber out of contact with petroleum products such as
engine oil, gasoline, etc.
NOTE: Life expectancy of wiper blades varies depend-
ing on geographical area and frequency of use. Poor
performance of blades may be present with chattering,
marks, water lines or wet spots. If any condition is
present please proceed to clean wiper blades with humid
cloth removing any debris that may be affecting its
Adding Washer Fluid
The fluid reservoir for the windshield washers and the
rear window washer (if equipped) is shared. The fluid
reservoir is located in the engine compartment. Be sure to
check the fluid level at regular intervals. Fill the reservoir
with windshield washer solvent only (not radiator anti-
freeze). When refilling the washer fluid reservoir, take
some washer fluid and apply it to a cloth or towel and
wipe clean the wiper blades; this will help blade perfor-
To prevent freeze-up of your windshield washer system
in cold weather, select a solution or mixture that meets or
exceeds the temperature range of your climate. This
rating information can be found on most washer fluid
Commercial windshield washer solvents are flam-
mable. They could ignite and burn you. Care must be
exercised when filling or working around the washer