Chrysler 2010 Automobile User Manual

The ORC determines if a side collision requires the
side airbags to inflate based on the severity and type of
Based on the severity and type of collision, the side
airbag inflator on the crash side of the vehicle is trig-
gered, releasing a quantity of non-toxic gas. The inflating
side airbag exits through the seat seam into the space
between the occupant and the door. The side airbags fully
inflate in about 10 milliseconds. The side airbag moves at
a very high speed and with such a high force, that it
could injure you if you are not seated properly, or if items
are positioned in the area where the side airbag inflates.
This especially applies to children.
The Knee Impact Bolsters help protect the knees of
the driver and the front passenger, and position front
occupants for the best interaction with the Advanced
Front Airbag.
Enhanced Accident Response System
In the event of an impact causing airbag deployment, if
the communication network remains intact, and the
power remains intact, depending on the nature of the
event the ORC will determine whether to have the
Enhanced Accident Response System perform the follow-
ing functions:
Cut off fuel to the engine.
Flash hazard lights as long as the battery has power or
until the ignition key is turned off.
Turn on the interior lights, which remain on as long as
the battery has power or until the ignition key is
Unlock the doors automatically.
If a Deployment Occurs
The front airbags are designed to deflate immediately
after deployment.