Chrysler 2010 Automobile User Manual

NOTE: Keep in mind that you have to press the Voice
button first and wait for the beep
before speaking the “Barge In” commands.
Voice Training
For users experiencing difficulty with the system recog-
nizing their voice commands or numbers the Uconnect™
Voice “Voice Training” feature may be used.
1. Press the Voice Command
button, say “System
Setup” and once you are in that menu then say “Voice
Training.” This will train your own voice to the system
and will improve recognition.
2. Repeat the words and phrases when prompted by
Uconnect™ Voice. For best results, the “Voice Training”
session should be completed when the vehicle is parked,
engine running, all windows closed, and the blower fan
switched off. This procedure may be repeated with a new
user. The system will adapt to the last trained voice only.
Seats are a primary part of the Occupant Restraint System
of the vehicle. They need to be used properly for safe
operation of the vehicle.
DO NOT allow people to ride in any area of your
vehicle that is not equipped with seats and seat
belts. In a collision, people riding in these areas
are more likely to be seriously injured or killed.
Be sure everyone in your vehicle is in a seat and
using a seat belt properly.