Chrysler 2010 Automobile User Manual

Setting the Compass Variance
Refer to the variance map for the correct compass vari-
ance zone. To check the variance zone, the ignition must
be ON. Press and hold the left button (located on the
instrument cluster) for approximately 10 seconds to enter
the variance mode and release the button when the VAR
symbol appears. The current variance value will also be
displayed. To change the zone, press the left button once
to increment the zone. The default is Zone 8. After Zone
15, the values will wrap around to Zone 1. When the
correct zone is displayed (per the Compass Variance
Zone Map) for the zone that the vehicle is located in, wait
for about five seconds; then the trip computer will store
the variance value in memory and the compass will
resume normal operation.
NOTE: The U.S./Metric display will change from En-
glish to Metric or Metric to English before the VAR
symbol appears, however, it will revert back to its
original setting after programming the compass func-
Compass Variance Map