Chrysler 2010 Automobile User Manual

Turning Confirmation Prompts ON/OFF
Turning confirmation prompts off will stop the system
from confirming your choices (e.g., the Uconnect™
Phone will not repeat a phone number before you dial it).
Press the button to begin.
After the ЉReadyЉ prompt and the following beep, say
ЉSetup Confirmations.Љ The Uconnect™ Phone will
play the current confirmation prompt status and you
will be given the choice to change it.
Phone and Network Status Indicators
If available on the radio and/or on a premium display
such as the instrument panel cluster, and supported by
your cellular phone, the Uconnect™ Phone will provide
notification to inform you of your phone and network
status when you are attempting to make a phone call
using Uconnect™ Phone. The status is given for roaming,
network signal strength, phone battery strength, etc.
Dialing Using the Cellular Phone Keypad
You can dial a phone number with your cellular phone
keypad and still use the Uconnect™ Phone (while dialing
via the cellular phone keypad, the user must exercise
caution and take precautionary safety measures). By
dialing a number with your paired Bluetooth cellular
phone, the audio will be played through your vehicle’s
audio system. The Uconnect™ Phone will work the same
as if you dial the number using Voice Command.
NOTE: Certain brands of cellular phones do not send
the dial ring to the Uconnect™ Phone to play it on the
vehicle audio system, so you will not hear it. Under this
situation, after successfully dialing a number the user
may feel that the call did not go through even though the
call is in progress. Once your call is answered, you will
hear the audio.