Chrysler 2010 Automobile User Manual

This range is used when vehicle is standing for pro-
longed periods with engine running. Engine may be
started in this range. Set the parking brake if you must
leave the vehicle.
NOTE: Towing, coasting, or driving the vehicle for any
other reason with the shift lever in NEUTRAL can result
in severe transmission damage. Refer to “Recreational
Towing” in “Starting and Operating” and “Towing a
Disabled Vehicle” in “What To Do In Emergencies” for
further information.
This range is used for most city and highway driving.
The transmission contains an electronically-controlled
fourth gear (fifth gear – if equipped) Overdrive, and will
automatically shift from DRIVE to OVERDRIVE if the
following conditions are present:
The shift lever is in DRIVE.
The O/D OFF switch has not been activated.
Vehicle speed is above approximately 30 mph
(48 km/h).
When frequent transmission shifting occurs while using
Overdrive, such as when operating the vehicle under
heavy load conditions (for example, in hilly terrain,
strong head winds, or trailer towing), turning off over-
drive will improve performance and extend transmission
life by reducing excessive shifting and heat buildup.
If the transmission overheats, a “HOTOIL” message may
be displayed in the odometer (accompanied by a chime