Chrysler 2010 Automobile User Manual

When prompted, enter the number designation (e.g.,
ЉHome,ЉЉWork,ЉЉMobile,Љ or ЉPagerЉ). This will allow
you to store multiple numbers for each phonebook
entry, if desired.
When prompted, recite the phone number for the
phonebook entry that you are adding.
After you are finished adding an entry into the phone-
book, you will be given the opportunity to add more
phone numbers to the current entry or to return to the
main menu.
The Uconnect™ Phone will allow you to enter up to 32
names in the phonebook with each name having up to
four associated phone numbers and designations. Each
language has a separate 32-name phonebook accessible
only in that language. In addition, if equipped and
supported by your phone, Uconnect™ Phone automati-
cally downloads your cellular phone’s phonebook.
Phonebook Download Automatic Phonebook
Transfer From Cellular Phone
If equipped and specifically supported by your phone,
Uconnect™ Phone automatically downloads names (text
names) and number entries from the cellular phone’s
phonebook. Specific BluetoothPhones with Phone Book
Access Profile may support this feature. See Uconnect™
website for supported phones.
To call a name from downloaded (or Uconnect™)
Phonebook, follow the procedure in “Call by Saying a
Name” section.
Automatic download and update, if supported, begins
as soon as the Bluetoothwireless phone connection is
made to the Uconnect™ Phone, for example, after you
start the vehicle.
A maximum of 1000 entries per phone will be down-
loaded and updated every time a phone is connected
to the Uconnect™ Phone.