Chrysler 2010 Automobile User Manual

Failure to follow these cautions may cause interior
water damage, stains or mildew on the top material:
Avoid high-pressure car washes, as they can dam-
age the top material. Also, increased water pres-
sure may force past the weather strips.
It is recommended that the top be free of water
prior to opening it. Operating the top, opening a
door or lowering a window while the top is wet
may allow water to drip into the vehicle’s interior.
Use care when washing the vehicle, water pressure
directed at the weather strip seals may cause water
to leak into the vehicle’s interior.
Careless handling and storage of the removable
roof panels may damage the seals, causing water to
leak into the vehicle’s interior.
CAUTION! (Continued)
The front panel(s) must be positioned properly to
ensure sealing. Improper installation can cause
water to leak into the vehicle’s interior.
Care of Fabric Top Windows
Your vehicle’s fabric top has pliable plastic windows
which can be scratched unless special care is taken by
following these directions:
1. Never use a dry cloth to remove dust. Instead, use a
microfiber towel or soft cotton cloth moistened with
cold or warm, clean water, and wipe across the window,
not up and down. MOPAR Jeep Soft Glass Window