Chrysler 2010 Automobile User Manual

The ECO display will toggle between ECO and ECO-ON
depending on driving habits and vehicle usage. Press the
Odometer / Trip Odometer / ECO (Fuel Saver Indicator)
button to change the display from odometer to either of
the two trip odometer settings or the “ECO” display.
LoW tirE
When the appropriate condition exists, the odometer
display will toggle between LoW and tirE for three
“HOTOIL” Transmission Temperature Warning
The “HOTOIL” cluster message will appear in the odom-
eter accompanied with a chime to indicate that there is
excessive transmission fluid temperature that might oc-
cur with severe usage such as trailer towing. It may also
occur when operating the vehicle in a high torque
converter slip condition, such as 4-wheel drive operation
(e.g., snow plowing, off- road operation). If this “HOT-
OIL” message turns on, stop the vehicle and run the
engine at idle or faster, with the transmission in NEU-
TRAL until the message turns off.
Continuous driving with the Transmission Tempera-
ture “HOTOIL” Warning message illuminated will
eventually cause severe transmission damage or
transmission failure.
Continued operation with the Transmission Tem-
perature “HOTOIL” Warning message illuminated
could cause the fluid to boil over, come in contact
with hot engine or exhaust components causing a fire
that may result in personal injury.