Chrysler 2010 Automobile User Manual

If your vehicle is not equipped with or this feature is not
available on your vehicle, a “Not Equipped With
Uconnect” message will display on the radio screen.
TIME Button
Press the TIME button to alternate locations of the time
and frequency display.
Clock Setting Procedure
1. Press and hold the TIME button until the hours blink.
2. Adjust the hours by turning the right side TUNE/
SCROLL control knob.
3. After adjusting the hours, press the right side TUNE/
SCROLL control knob to set the minutes. The minutes
will begin to blink.
4. Adjust the minutes using the right side TUNE/
SCROLL control knob. Press the TUNE/SCROLL control
knob to save the time change.
5. To exit, press any button/knob or wait five seconds.
The clock can also be set by pressing the SETUP button
and selecting the “SET HOME CLOCK” entry. Once in
this display follow the above procedure, starting at
step 2.
INFO Button
Press the INFO button for an RDS station (one with call
letters displayed). The radio will return a Radio Text
message broadcast from an FM station (FM mode only).
Pressing the RW (Rewind) or FF (Fast Forward) buttons
causes the tuner to search for the next frequency in the
direction of the arrows. This feature operates in AM, FM
or Satellite (if equipped) frequencies.
TUNE Control
Turn the rotary TUNE/SCROLL control knob clockwise
to increase or counterclockwise to decrease the frequency.