Chrysler 2010 Automobile User Manual

Things You Should Know About Your Uconnect™
Uconnect™ Phone Tutorial
To hear a brief tutorial of the system features, press the
button and say “Uconnect™ Tutorial.”
Voice Training
For users experiencing difficulty with the system recog-
nizing their voice commands or numbers, the Uconnect™
Phone Voice Training feature may be used. To enter this
training mode, follow one of the two following proce-
From outside the Uconnect™ Phone mode (e.g., from
radio mode):
Press and hold the button for five seconds until
the session begins, or,
Press the button and say the ЉSetup, Voice
TrainingЉ command.
You can either press the Uconnect™ Phone button to
restore the factory setting or repeat the words and
phrases when prompted by the Uconnect™ Phone. For
best results, the Voice Training session should be com-
pleted when the vehicle is parked with the engine
running, all windows closed, and the blower fan
switched off.
This procedure may be repeated with a new user. The
system will adapt to the last trained voice only.
press the button.
After the “Ready” prompt, and the following beep, say
“Uconnect™ Setup”, then “Reset”.
This will delete all phone pairing, phone book entries,
and other settings in all language modes. The System will
prompt you before resetting to factory settings.