Chrysler 2010 Automobile User Manual

Consider the following items when computing the
weight on the rear axle of the vehicle:
The trailer tongue weight.
The weight of any other type of cargo or equipment
put in or on your vehicle.
The weight of the driver and all passengers.
NOTE: Remember that everything put into or on the
trailer adds to the load on your vehicle. Also, additional
factory-installed options, or authorized dealer-installed
options, must be considered as part of the total load on
your vehicle. Refer to the “Tire Safety Information/Tire
and Loading Information Placard” in “Starting and Op-
erating” for the maximum combined weight of occupants
and cargo for your vehicle.
Towing Requirements
To promote proper break-in of your new vehicle drive-
train components, the following guidelines are recom-
NOTE: Trailer towing requires special rear axle lubri-
cant. Refer to “Fluids, Lubricants, and Genuine Parts” in
“Maintaining Your Vehicle” for the correct fluid type.