Chrysler 2010 Automobile User Manual

NOTE: If your air conditioning performance seems
lower than expected, check the front of the A/C con-
denser: located in front of the radiator, for an accumula-
tion of dirt or insects. Clean with a gentle water spray
from behind the radiator and through the condenser.
Fabric front fascia protectors may reduce air flow to the
condenser, reducing air conditioning performance.
Recirculation Control
Press this button to choose be-
tween outside air intake or recir-
culation of the air inside the ve-
hicle. A light will illuminate when
you are in “Recirculation” mode.
Only use the “Recirculation”
mode to temporarily block out
any outside odors, smoke, or dust
and to cool the interior rapidly
upon initial start up in very hot or humid weather.
NOTE: Continuous use of the “Recirculation” mode
may make the inside air stuffy and window fogging may
occur. Extended use of this mode is not recommended.
In cold or damp weather, the use of the “Recirculation”
mode will cause windows to fog on the inside because of
moisture buildup inside the vehicle. For maximum de-
fogging, select the Outside Air position.
NOTE: The “Recirculation” mode will not operate in the
floor, mix or defrost modes.