Chrysler 2010 Automobile User Manual

CAUTION! (Continued)
Refer to “Appearance Care for Fabric Top Models”
in “Maintaining Your Vehicle” for further infor-
mation. It contains important information on
cleaning and caring for your vehicle’s fabric top.
Do not use any tools (screwdrivers, etc.) to pry or
force any of the clamps, clips, or retainers securing
the soft top. Do not force or pry the soft top
framework when opening or closing. Damage to
the top may result.
Do not drive the vehicle with the rear window
curtain up unless the side curtains are also re-
moved. Dangerous exhaust gases could enter the
vehicle causing harm to the driver and passengers.
WARNING! (Continued)
The fabric upper doors and fabric top are designed
only for protection against the elements. Do not
rely on them to contain occupants within the
vehicle or to protect against injury during an
accident. Remember, always wear seat belts.
Failure to follow these cautions may cause interior
water damage, stains or mildew on the top material:
It is recommended that the top be free of water
prior to opening it. Operating the top, opening a
door or lowering a window while the top is wet
may allow water to drip into the vehicle’s interior.