Chrysler 2010 Automobile User Manual

NOTE: If you do not say a command within a few
seconds, the system will present you with a list of
If you ever wish to interrupt the system while it lists
options, press the Voice Command
button, listen
for the beep, and say your command.
Pressing the Voice Command
button while the
system is speaking is known as “barging in.” The system
will be interrupted, and after the beep, you can add or
change commands. This will become helpful once you
start to learn the options.
NOTE: At any time, you can say the words “Cancel”,
“Help” or “Main Menu”.
These commands are universal and can be used from any
menu. All other commands can be used depending upon
the active application.
For example, if you are in the disc menu and you are
listening to FM radio, you can speak commands from the
disc menu or from the FM radio menu.
When using this system, you should speak clearly and at
a normal speaking volume.
The system will best recognize your speech if the win-
dows are closed, and the heater/air conditioning fan is
set to low.
At any point, if the system does not recognize one of your
commands, you will be prompted to repeat it.
To hear the first available Menu, press the Voice
button and say “Help” or “Main