Chrysler 2010 Automobile User Manual

WARNING! (Continued)
HSA is not a parking brake. If you stop the vehicle
on a hill without putting the transmission in
PARK and using the parking brake, it will roll
down the hill and could cause a collision with
another vehicle or object. Always remember to use
the parking brake while parking on a hill, and that
the driver is responsible for braking the vehicle.
If you wish to turn off the HSA system, follow this
1. Start with the engine off and vehicle in PARK (auto-
matic transmission) or NEUTRAL with clutch out
(manual transmission) with wheels straight. Apply park-
ing brake on manual transmission vehicle.
2. Start the engine.
3. With the engine running, the brake applied, and the
clutch out, rotate the steering wheel 180° counterclock-
wise from center.
4. Press the ESP OFF switch four times within twenty
5. Rotate the steering wheel 360° clockwise (180° clock-
wise from center).
6. Cycle ignition switch OFF then ON.
7. If the sequence was completed properly, the “ESP/
TCS Indicator Light” will blink several times to confirm
HSA is off.
Steps 1-7 must be completed within 90 seconds to turn off
HSA. Repeat steps 1-7 to re-enable HSA functionality.
Electronic Roll Mitigation (ERM)
This system anticipates the potential for wheel lift by
monitoring the driver’s steering wheel input and the