Chrysler 2010 Automobile User Manual

Supported Medium Formats (File Systems)
The medium formats supported by the radio are ISO 9660
Level 1 and Level 2 and includes the Joliet extension.
When reading discs recorded using formats other than
ISO 9660 Level 1 and Level 2, the radio may fail to read
files properly and may be unable to play the file nor-
mally. UDF and Apple HFS formats are not supported.
The radio uses the following limits for file systems:
Maximum number of directory levels: 8
Maximum number of files: 255
Maximum number of folders: 100
Maximum number of characters in file/folder names:
Level 1: 12 (including a separator Љ.Љ and a three-
character extension)
Level 2: 31 (including a separator Љ.Љ and a three-
character extension)
Multisession disc formats are supported by the radio.
Multisession discs may contain combinations of normal
CD audio tracks and computer files (including MP3/
WMA files). Discs created with an option such as Љkeep
disc open after writingЉ are most likely multisession
discs. The use of multisession for CD audio or MP3/
WMA playback may result in longer disc loading times.
If a disc contains multi-formats, such as CD audio and
MP3/WMA tracks, the radio will only play the MP3/
WMA tracks on that disc.
Supported MP3/WMA File Formats
The radio will recognize only files with the *.MP3/WMA
extension as MP3/WMA files. Non-MP3/WMA files
named with the *.MP3/WMA extension may cause play-
back problems. The radio is designed to recognize the file
as an invalid MP3/WMA and will not play the file.