Chrysler 2010 Automobile User Manual

Program Type
16-Digit Character Dis-
Soft Soft
Soft Rock Soft Rck
Soft Rhythm and Blues Soft R&B
Sports Sports
Talk Talk
Top 40 Top 40
Weather Weather
By pressing the SEEK button when the Music Type icon
is displayed, the radio will be tuned to the next frequency
station with the same selected Music Type name. The
Music Type function only operates when in the FM
If a preset button is activated while in the Music Type
(Program Type) mode, the Music Type mode will be
exited and the radio will tune to the preset station.
SETUP Button
Pressing the SETUP button allows you to select between
the following items:
Set Clock Pressing the SELECT button will allow
you to set the clock. Adjust the hours by turning the
TUNE/SCROLL control knob. After adjusting the
hours, press the TUNE/SCROLL control knob to set
the minutes. The minutes will begin to blink. Adjust
the minutes using the right side TUNE/SCROLL
control knob. Press the TUNE/SCROLL control knob
to save time change.
AM/FM Button
Press the button to select either AM or FM mode.
SET/RND Button To Set the Pushbutton
When you are receiving a station that you wish to
commit to pushbutton memory, press the SET/RND
button. The symbol SET 1 will now show in the display