Chrysler 2010 Automobile User Manual

You may add a second station to each pushbutton by
repeating the above procedure with this exception: Press
the SET/RND button twice and SET 2 will show in the
display window. Each button can be set for SET 1 and
SET 2 in both AM and FM. This allows a total of 12 AM
and 12 FM stations to be stored into pushbutton memory.
The stations stored in SET 2 memory can be selected by
pressing the pushbutton twice.
Every time a preset button is used, a corresponding
button number will display.
These buttons tune the radio to the stations that you
commit to pushbutton memory (12 AM and 12 FM
DISC Button
Pressing the DISC button will allow you to switch from
AM/FM modes to Disc modes.
Operation Instructions CD MODE For CD And
MP3 Audio Play
The ignition switch must be in the ON/RUN or ACC
position to operate the radio.
This radio is capable of playing compact discs (CD),
recordable compact discs (CD-R), rewritable compact
discs (CD-RW), compact discs with MP3 tracks and
multisession compact discs with CD and MP3 tracks.
Inserting Compact Disc(s)
Gently insert one CD into the CD player with the CD
label facing up. The CD will automatically be pulled into
the CD player and the CD icon will illuminate on the
radio display. If a CD does not go into the slot more than
1.0 in (2.5 cm), a disc may already be loaded and must be
ejected before a new disc can be loaded.