Chrysler 2007 300 SRT8 Automobile User Manual

by moving the lever partially up or down without
moving beyond the detent. Releasing the lever at the
detent will provide 3 flashes.
If either light has a very fast flash rate, check for a
defective outside light bulb. If an indicator fails to light
when the lever is moved, it would suggest that the fuse
or indicator is defective or there may be a circuit failure.
A “Turn Signal On” message will appear in the
Electronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC) and a con-
tinuous chime will sound if the vehicle is driven more
than 1 mile (1.6 km) with either turn signal on.
Highbeam/Lowbeam Select Switch
Push the Multi-Function Lever away from you to switch
the headlights to HIGH beam. Pull the Lever towards
you to switch the headlights back to LOW beam.
Flash to Pass
You can signal another vehicle with your headlights by
lightly pulling the Multi-Function Lever toward you.
This will cause the headlights to turn on at high beam
and remain on until the lever is released.
Overhead Console Map/Reading Lights
These lights are mounted between the sun visors on the
overhead console. Each light is turned ON by pressing
the lens. Press the lens a second time to turn OFF the
light. These lights also turn on when a door is opened, or
when the unlock button on the remote keyless entry
transmitter is pressed, or when the dimmer control is
turned fully upward, past the second detent.
Overhead Console