Chrysler 2007 300 SRT8 Automobile User Manual

Using a transmission fluid other than the manu-
facturer’s recommended fluid may cause deterio-
ration in transmission shift quality and/or torque
converter shudder. Using a transmission fluid
other than that recommended by the manufac-
turer will result in more frequent fluid and filter
changes. Refer to “Fluids, Lubricants, and Genu-
ine Parts” for the correct fluid type.
The fluid level is preset at the factory and it does
not require adjustment under normal operating
conditions. If a transmission fluid leak occurs,
visit your authorized dealer immediately. Severe
damage to the transmission may occur. Your au-
thorized dealer has the proper tools to adjust the
fluid level accurately.
Fluid and Filter Changes
Automatic transmission fluid and filter should be
changed as follows:
Normal Usage No change necessary
Severe Usage (fluid and filter) Refer to Maintenance
Schedule “B”
Severe Usage is defined as:
Police, taxi, limousine, commercial type operation, or
trailer towing where the vehicle is driven regularly for
more than 45 minutes of continuous operation.
If the transmission is disassembled for any reason, the
fluid and filter should be changed.
Special Additives
Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) is an engineered
product and its performance may be impaired by supple-
mental additives. Therefore, do not add any fluid addi-
tives to the transmission. The only exception to this
policy is the use of special dyes to aid in detecting fluid
leaks. In addition, avoid using transmission sealers as
they may adversely affect seals.
Front and Rear Wheel Bearings
Front and rear wheel bearings are permanently sealed.
No regular maintenance is required for these compo-