Chrysler 2007 300 SRT8 Automobile User Manual

The operation of the Brake Warning Light can be checked
by turning the ignition switch from the OFF position to
the ON position. The light should turn on for approxi-
mately two seconds and then turn off. The light will
remain on if the parking brake is applied or if a brake
fault is detected. If the parking brake is not applied and
the light remains on, or if the light does not turn on, have
the light inspected by an authorized dealer.
The light will turn on when the ignition switch
in the ON position and the parking brake is applied. This
light shows only that the parking brake is applied. It does
not show the degree of brake application. (See page 211
for more information.)
13. Electronic Stability Program (ESP)/Traction
Control System (TCS) Indicator Light
If this indicator light flashes during accelera-
tion, ease up on the accelerator and apply as
little throttle as possible. Adapt your speed
and driving to the prevailing road condi-
tions, and do not switch off the ESP. (See page 214 for
more information.)
14. Temperature Gauge
The temperature gauge shows engine coolant tempera-
ture. Any reading within the normal range indicates that
the engine cooling system is operating satisfactorily.
The gauge pointer will likely indicate a higher tempera-
ture when driving in hot weather, up mountain grades,
or when towing a trailer. It should not be allowed to
exceed the upper limits of the normal operating range.
Driving with a hot cooling system could damage
your vehicle. If temperature gauge reads 240°F
(116°C) or greater, pull over and stop the vehicle. Idle
the vehicle with the air conditioner turned off until
the pointer drops back into the normal range 200–
230°F (93–110°C). If the pointer remains at 240°F
(116°C) or greater and you hear a chime, turn the
engine off immediately, and call for service.