Chrysler 2007 300 SRT8 Automobile User Manual

UConnect™ is a voice-activated, hands-free, in- vehicle
communications system. UConnect™ allows you to dial
a phone number with your cellular phone using simple
voice commands (e.g., ЉCall” ѧ “Mike” ѧ”WorkЉ or ЉDial”
ѧ “248-555-1212Љ). Your cellular phone’s audio is trans-
mitted through your vehicle’s audio system; the system
will automatically mute your radio when using the
UConnect™ system.
The UConnect™ system use requires a cellular
phone equipped with the Bluetooth ЉHands-Free Profile,Љ
version 0.96 or higher. See
for supported phones.
UConnect™ allows you to transfer calls between the
system and your cellular phone as you enter or exit your
vehicle, and enables you to mute the system’s micro-
phone for private conversation.
The UConnect™ phonebook enables you to store up to 32
names and four numbers per name. Each language has a
separate 32-name phonebook accessible only in that
language. This system is driven through your Blue-
tooth™ Hands-Free profile cellular phone. UConnect™
features Bluetooth™ technology - the global standard
that enables different electronic devices to connect to
each other without wires or a docking station, so UCon-
nect works no matter where you stow your cellular
phone (be it your purse, pocket, or briefcase), as long as
your phone is turned on and has been paired to the
vehicle’s UConnect™ system. The UConnect™ system
allows up to seven cellular phones to be linked to system.
Only one linked (or paired) cellular phone can be used
with the system at a time. The system is available in
English, Spanish, or French languages (as equipped).
The rearview mirror contains the microphone for the
system and the control buttons that will enable you to
access the system.