Chrysler 2007 300 SRT8 Automobile User Manual

The center console outlet is powered directly from the
battery (power available at all times). Items plugged into
this outlet may discharge the battery and/or prevent
engine starting.
Electrical Outlet Use With Engine Off
Many accessories that can be plugged in draw
power from the vehicle’s battery, even when not
in use (i.e. cellular phones, etc.). Eventually, if
plugged in long enough, the vehicle’s battery will
discharge sufficiently to degrade battery life
and/or prevent engine starting.
Accessories that draw higher power (i.e. coolers,
vacuum cleaners, lights, etc.); will degrade the
battery even more quickly. Only use these inter-
mittently and with greater caution.
After the use of high power draw accessories, or
long periods of the vehicle not being started (with
accessories still plugged in), the vehicle must be
driven a sufficient length of time to allow the
alternator to recharge the vehicle’s battery.
Power outlets are designed for accessory plugs
only. Do not hang any type of accessory or acces-
sory bracket from the plug. Improper use of the
power outlet can cause damage not covered by
your warranty.
Center Console Power Outlet