Chrysler 2007 300 SRT8 Automobile User Manual

The UConnect™ system can be used with any Hands-
Free Profile certified Bluetooth™ cellular phone. See for supported phones. If
your cellular phone supports a different profile (e.g.,
Headset Profile), you may not be able to use any UCon-
nect™ features. Refer to your cellular service provider or
the phone manufacturer for details.
The UConnect™ system is fully integrated with the
vehicle’s audio system. The volume of the UConnect™
system can be adjusted either from the radio volume
control knob, or from the steering wheel radio control
(right switch), if so equipped.
The radio display will be used for visual prompts from
the UConnect™ system such as ЉCELLЉ or caller ID on
certain radios.
Voice commands can be used to operate the UConnect™
system and to navigate through the UConnect™ menu
structure. Voice commands are required after most
UConnect™ system prompts. You will be prompted for a
specific command and then guided through the available
Prior to giving a voice command, one must wait for
the voice on beep, which follows the ЉReadyЉ prompt
or another prompt.
For certain operations, compound commands can be
used. For example, instead of saying ЉSetupЉ and then
ЉPhone Pairing,Љ the following compound command
can be said: ЉSetup Phone Pairing.Љ
UConnect™ Switches