Chrysler 2007 300 SRT8 Automobile User Manual

A hot engine cooling system is dangerous. You or
others could be badly burned by steam or boiling
coolant. You may want to call a service center if your
vehicle overheats. If you decide to look under the
hood yourself, see Section 7 of this manual. Follow
the warnings under the Cooling System Pressure
Cap paragraph.
15. Trip Odometer Button
Press this button to change the display from odometer to
either of two trip odometer settings. The letter “A” or “B”
will appear when in the trip odometer mode. Push in and
hold the button for two seconds to reset the trip odometer
to 0 miles (kilometers). The odometer must be in trip
mode to reset it.
16. High Beam Light
This light will turn on when the high beam
headlights are ON. Push the Multi-Function
lever away from the steering wheel to switch the
headlights to high beam. (See page 98 for more
17. Transmission Range Indicator
This display indicator shows the automatic transmission
gear selection.
18. Seat Belt Reminder Light
This light will turn on for 5 to 8 seconds as a
bulb check when the ignition switch is first
turned ON. A chime will sound if the driver’s
seat belt is unbuckled during the bulb check. The Seat
Belt Warning Light will flash or remain on continu-
ously if the driver’s seat belt remains unbuckled after
the bulb check or when driving. (See page 35 for more
19. Vehicle Security Alarm (VSA) Indicator Light
If Equipped
The VSA indicator Light flashes rapidly when the VSA is
arming, and slowly when the VSA is armed. (See page 15
for more information.)