Chrysler 2007 300 SRT8 Automobile User Manual

b. The MIL will not flash at all and will remain fully
illuminated until you turn off the ignition key or
start the engine. This means that your vehicle’s OBD
system is ready and you can proceed to the I/M
If your OBD system is not ready, you should see your
authorized dealer or repair facility. If your vehicle was
recently serviced or had a battery failure or replacement,
you may need to do nothing more than drive your
vehicle as you normally would in order for your OBD
system to update. A recheck with the above test routine
may then indicate that the system is now ready.
Regardless of whether your vehicle’s OBD system is
ready or not ready, if the MIL symbol is illuminated
during normal vehicle operation, you should have your
vehicle serviced before going to the I/M station. The I/M
station can fail your vehicle because the MIL symbol is on
with the engine running.
Use of genuine Mopar parts for normal/scheduled
maintenance and repairs is highly recommended to in-
sure the designed performance. Damage or failures
caused by the use of non-Mopar parts for maintenance
and repairs will not be covered by the manufacturer’s
Your dealer has the qualified service personnel, special
tools, and equipment to perform all service operations in
an expert manner. Service Manuals are available which
include detailed service information for your vehicle.
Refer to these manuals before attempting any procedure
Intentional tampering with emissions control
systems can result in civil penalties being assessed
against you.