Chrysler 2007 300 SRT8 Automobile User Manual

Full Off
This mode is intended for off-highway or off-road use
only and should not be used on any public roadways.
In this mode, all TCS and ESP stability features are
turned off. To enter the “Full Off” mode, depress and
hold the “ESP OFF” button for 5 seconds while the
vehicle is stopped with the engine running. After 5
seconds, a chime will sound, the ЉESP/TCS Indicator
LightЉ will illuminate, and the ЉESP OFFЉ message will
display in the vehicle odometer. Press and release the
trip odometer button located on the instrument cluster
to clear this message. The “ESP OFF” message may
appear in the Electronic Vehicle Information Center
(EVIC). Refer to “Electronic Vehicle Information Cen-
ter (EVIC)” in Section 4 of this manual. To turn ESP on
again, momentarily depress the ЉESP OFF Button.Љ
The ЉESP OFF,Љ or “ESP System Deactivated”
message will display and the audible chime will sound
when the gear selector is moved into the PARK position
from any position other than PARK and then moved out
of the PARK position. This will occur when the message
was previously cleared.
In the ESP Full Off mode, the engine torque reduc-
tion and stability features are cancelled. Therefore,
the enhanced vehicle stability offered by ESP is
When the ESP is switched off a feature of the
system remains active. This feature controls wheel spin
across an axle quite similarly to a limited slip differential.
If one wheel on an axle is spinning faster than the other,
the system will apply the brake of the spinning wheel
and allow more engine torque to be applied to the wheel
that is not spinning. To improve the vehicle’s traction
when driving with tire chains, or when starting-off in
deep snow, sand, or gravel, it may be desirable to switch
to the “Partial Off” mode by momentarily depressing the
“ESP OFF” button.