Chrysler 2007 300 SRT8 Automobile User Manual

3. Push the Multi-Function Lever away from you to
switch the headlights to the HIGH BEAM position.
This system will not activate until the vehicle is
at or above 25 mph (40 km/h).
To Deactivate:
Perform either of the following steps to deactivate the
SmartBeam system.
1. Pull the Multi-Function Lever toward you to switch
the headlights from the HIGH BEAM to the LOW BEAM
2. Rotate the headlight switch clockwise from the AUTO
(A) to the ON position.
Broken, muddy, or obstructed headlights and
taillights of vehicles in the field of view will cause
headlights to remain on longer (closer to the vehicle).
Also, dirt, film, and other obstructions on the windshield
or camera lens will cause the system to function improp-
Headlight Time Delay
This feature provides the safety of headlight illumination
for 90 seconds (programmable) when leaving your ve-
hicle in an unlighted area.
To activate the delay feature, turn off the ignition switch
while the headlights are still on. Then, turn off the
headlights within 45 seconds. The delay interval begins
when headlight switch is turned off.
If you turn the headlights, park lights, or ignition switch
on again, the system will cancel the delay.
If you turn the headlights off before the ignition, they will
turn off in the normal manner.
The lights must be turned off within 45 seconds
of turning the ignition off to activate this feature
The Headlight delay time is programmable. For details,
refer to “Delay Turning Headlights Off,” under “Personal
Settings (Customer Programmable Features),” under
“Electronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC)” in Sec-
tion 4 of this manual.