Chrysler 2007 300 SRT8 Automobile User Manual

The tire pressure sensors are covered under one of the
following licenses:
United States .....................KR5S120123
Canada ........................2671-S120123
6.1L Engine
The 6.1L engine is designed to meet all
emissions regulations and provide excel-
lent fuel economy and performance when
using high-quality premium unleaded
gasoline with an octane rating of 91 or
Light spark knock at low engine speeds is not harmful to
your engine. However, continued heavy spark knock at
high speeds can cause damage and immediate service is
Poor quality gasoline can cause problems such as hard
starting, stalling, and hesitations. If you experience these
symptoms, try another brand of “premium” gasoline
before considering service for the vehicle.
Over 40 automobile manufacturers around the world
have issued and endorsed consistent gasoline specifica-
tions (the World Wide Fuel Charter, WWFC) which
define fuel properties necessary to deliver enhanced
emissions, engine performance, and durability for your
vehicle. The manufacturer recommends the use of gaso-
lines that meet the WWFC specifications if they are
Reformulated Gasoline
Many areas of the country require the use of cleaner
burning gasoline referred to as “Reformulated Gasoline”.
Reformulated gasolines contain oxygenates, and are spe-
cifically blended to reduce vehicle emissions and im-
prove air quality.
The manufacturer supports the use of reformulated gaso-
lines. Properly blended reformulated gasolines will pro-
vide excellent performance and durability of engine and
fuel system components.