Chrysler 2007 300 SRT8 Automobile User Manual

With the ESP switched off, the enhanced vehicle
stability offered by ESP is unavailable. In an emer-
gency evasive maneuver, the ESP system will not
engage to assist in maintaining stability. The “Full
Off” ESP mode is intended for off-highway or off-
road only.
Synchronizing ESP
The malfunction indicator light for the ESP is
combined with BAS indicator. If the power
supply is interrupted (battery disconnected or
discharged), the ESP/BAS malfunction indica-
tor light may illuminate with the engine running. If this
should occur, turn the steering wheel completely to the
left and then to the right. The ESP/BAS malfunction
indicator light should go out. However, if the light
remains on, have the ESP and BAS checked at your
authorized dealer as soon as possible.
ESP/BAS Malfunction Indicator Light and
ESP/TCS Indicator Light
The malfunction indicator light for the ESP is
combined with the BAS indicator. The yellow
“ESP/BAS Malfunction Indicator Light” and
the yellow “ESP/TCS Indicator Light” in the
instrument cluster both come on when the ignition
switch is turned to the “ON” position. They should go
out with the engine running.
The system will turn the “ESP/BAS Malfunction Indica-
tor Light” on continuously while the engine running if it
detects a malfunction in either the ESP or the BAS or
both. If the light remains on after several ignition cycles,
and you have driven the vehicle several miles at speeds
greater than 30 mph (48 km/h), and the ESP is synchro-
nized (refer to Synchronizing ESP), see your authorized
dealer as soon as possible to have the problem diagnosed
and corrected.