Chrysler 2007 300 SRT8 Automobile User Manual

distinctive label on the webbing. Children 12 years old
and under should be properly restrained in the rear seat
whenever possible.
How To Engage The Automatic Locking Mode
1. Buckle the combination lap and shoulder belt.
2. Grasp the shoulder portion and pull downward until
the entire belt is extracted.
3. Allow the belt to retract. As the belt retracts, you will
here a clicking sound. This indicates the safety belt is
now in the automatic locking mode.
How To Disengage The Automatic Locking Mode
Unbuckle the combination lap and shoulder belt and
allow it to retract completely to disengage the automatic
locking mode and activate the vehicle sensitive (emer-
gency) locking mode.
Seat Belts and Pregnant Women
We recommend that pregnant women use the seat belts
throughout their pregnancy. Keeping the mother safe is
the best way to keep the baby safe.
Pregnant women should wear the lap part of the belt
across the thighs and as snug across the hips as possible.
Keep the belt low so that it does not come across the
abdomen. That way the strong bones of the hips will take
the force if there is a collision.
Seat Belt Extender
If a seat belt is too short, even when fully extended, and
when the adjustable upper shoulder belt anchorage (if so
equipped) is in its lowest position, your dealer can
provide you with a seat belt extender. This extender
should be used only if the existing belt is not long
enough. When it is not required, remove the extender,
and store it.
Using a seat belt extender when not needed can
increase the risk of injury in a collision. Only use
when the seat belt is not long enough when it is
worn low and snug, and in the recommended seating
positions. Remove and store the extender when not